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    NHL Playoff Predictions

    Posted by qbert1387 on April 11th, 2012

    The gauntlet, the marathon, whatever you want to call it…the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs start tonight! A slug-fest in the battle of Pennsylvania starts it all off when Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin host the Philadelphia Flyers in the only Eastern Conference game. The two other games feature Western Conference battles for supremacy including the always popular Detroit Red Wings against the Nashville Predator, and the L.A. Kings look to shock the defending Western Conference Champs and President’s Trophy winning Vancouver Canucks. Top to bottom in both the Eastern and Western Conferences there are very exciting and tough matchups. So, before the chase for the Cup gets under way, here is how I predict the playoffs to turn out.

    First Round:
    (Eastern Conference)
    #1 New York Rangers OVER #8 Ottawa Senators- 7 games
    #2 Boston Bruins OVER #7 Washington Capitals- 7 games
    #6 New Jersey Devils OVER #3 Florida Panthers- 6 games
    #4 Pittsburgh Penguins OVER #5 Philadelphia Flyers- 6 games
    (Western Conference)
    #1 Vancouver Canucks OVER #8 Los Angeles Kings- 6 games
    #2 St. Louis Blues OVER #7 San Jose Sharks- 7 games
    #6 Chicago Blackhawks OVER #3 Phoenix Coyotes- 5 games
    #4 Nashville Predators OVER #5 Detroit Red Wings- 7 games

    Second Round:
    (Eastern Conference)
    #1 New York Rangers OVER #6 New Jersey Devils- 7 games
    #4 Pittsburgh Penguins OVER #2 Boston Bruins- 6 games
    (Western Conference)
    #1 Vancouver Canucks OVER #6 Chicago Blackhawks- 6 games
    #4 Nashville Predators OVER #2 St. Louis Blues- 5 games

    Eastern Conference Final:
    #4 Pittsburgh Penguins OVER #1 New York Rangers- 5 games
    Western Conference Final:
    #1 Vancouver Canucks OVER #4 Nashville Predators- 6 games


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